WEF Pre-Centenary Anniversary Mini-Conference, 3 Sept., Dubai, UAE

Theme: A Hundred Years of the New Education: Towards the Future of the Child

WEF-Global Comparative and International Education Roundtable

4 September 2019 Holiday Inn Downtown Dubai, UAE

Kallolini Hazarat, the President of WEF India, recently passed away

Kallolini Hazarat Memorial Lecture will take place on 4 September 2019 in Dubai


From the Chair of the Guiding Committee Christine Wykes I am delighted that you have turned to these pages on the WEB to find out something about the World Education...

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Section Secretaries Australia Council: President: Professor Colin Power, 12 Watchman Dr., Coromandel Valey, Sauth Australia 5051, Email: c.power@eidos.org.au New South Wales: Dr Margareth White email:  margareth.white@gmail.com South Australia: Professor Philip G Gammage (DECS) 3, Park Heights,Fienes Crescent, ThePark, Nottingham NG7...