In memoriam

Mrs. Kallolini Hazarat

President, Gujarat Research Society, President, World Education Fellowship – Indian Section, Immediate Past President, Reading Association of India, Mrs. Hazarat passed away peacefully on 25th October, 2018.

Her work over the last three decades, in developing the Gujarat Research Society and its institutions has been inspirational.

She took personal interest in the institutions functioning under the aegis of the Gujarat Research Society. She believed that given the right impetus,these institutions could become global in outlook and yet be rooted in Indian culture.

Mrs. Hazarat nurtured Jasudben M.L. School from its inception when it started as a Primary School and transformed it into an educational institution par excellence.

She was a great believer in the ‘beyond classroom walls’ and out of box creative strategies and insisted that learning should be fun.

The HJ College of Education under her guidance ranks amongst one of the best in the city.

Her  continuous involvement with the ‘Reading Association of India’ and the ‘World Education Fellowship’,brought many international conferences to Gujarat Research Society, providing faculty and students ample opportunities for growth and professional Development.

She regularly added new dimensions to Gujarat Research Society including  the ‘Centre for Life Long Learning” which caters to citizens of all ages and all strata of society.

Versatile and multifaceted she also made singular contributions in the world of classical music and dance. She had her own ‘garba’ group who performed both in Mumbai as well as in countries abroad.

A perfectionist by nature, quality was her trademark and she expected no less of those from those around her.

Her passing has left behind a void in the Institutions which come under the aegis of Gujarat Research Society as well as in the educational world.

We celebrate Mrs Hazarat’s life for all that she was and all that she has done. Her loss is irreparable but her spirit is ever present and will continue to guide and inspire us. We wish her well in her onward journey.


Dr. Frank Andrews Stone, WEF Connecticut Section &
WEF International life membership

Frank Andrews Stone, a former Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut, USA, has passed away.

Dr Stone was the organizer of the World Education Fellowship (WEF), Connecticut chapter in 1971. Also in 1971, Frank and his associates formed the World Education Project (WEP) at the Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, that later evolved into the Isaac N. Thut World Education Center (TWEC). He was the founding editor of Current Turkish Thought (Redhouse Press, Istanbul). Frank was the editor of Cutting Edge, the journal of the Society for Educational Reconstruction (SER), for four years.

Frank was able to keep in touch with a dozen of his former students at Tarsus American College. He was the major advisor for about fifty master’s degree theses and doctoral dissertations now in the University of Connecticut’s Babbidge Library. His archive is at the Hoover Institution in Palo Alto, CA. He was recognized with a WEF International life membership, the Gertrude Langsam Award of SER, a citation from Firat University, Elazig, Turkey, and an award from his alma mater, Heidelberg University.