From the Chair of the Guiding Committee Christine Wykes

I am delighted that you have turned to these pages on the WEB to find out something about the World Education Fellowship International. Its principles are listed on these pages and also the type of activities in which it engages. This is an organisation of long standing (founded in 1921) and which has spread through individual and group efforts to over 20 countries across the world. It is truly an international fellowship.

Those of us on the Guiding Committee (you will see the membership listed) work to make lasting international linkages. Every two or three years it has become the tradition to organise an international conference to which all WEF members, friends and newly interested people can have the opportunity to meet up for social interaction over a five or six day period, and share thoughts on broad educational themes. We also have the privilege of hearing world class speakers and visiting educational establishments. I think most attendees would agree that these conferences have been truly inspirational and you may like to consider attending when we have the next one.

We live at a time when new technology has greatly assisted ways of interaction across the world. Wherever you are you may like to contact your nearest section representative. These are listed. Or you could email our General Secretary who would supply you with information and you could introduce yourself and any particular interest. We are soon starting a quarterly news letter which will appear on the WEB and give up-to-date happenings. Also do please refer to our new blog as its success depends on people contributing.

I trust that in one way or another you will enjoy learning more about our organisation and, like many have done before, you might bring something of your own experience and skills.

I send my good wishes and thanks to you.

Christine Wykes